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My name is Artem. I have lived in Edmonton since 1997, but I was born in Russia.

I own two companies: I am a beltmaker @NorthLiftBelts and a trainer @NorthLift. I am currently studying kinesiology at the UofA. My goal is to make lasting and unique weightlifting equipment, and to become a great and personable coach. My jobs are my creative outlets, they are a chance to show some of my artistic side, and I want to get people to lift heavier with more style.

To get started on these projects, I sold my 1974 Suzuki motorcycle, my Korg synthesizer, took out a loan, and got help from a few friends that believed in me. I’ve been making weightlifting equipment since 2014, constantly trying to improve my products and expand my business. I’ve learned a lot from my father, who was a leather and fur tailor in Russia, and got some artistic inclination from my mother, who was a painter and artist before we moved to Canada.

The people I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded with have played a huge role in the history of my company: my girlfriend, best-friend, and all of my friends who have supported me in one way or another have shared in my vision and helped this business grow. And obviously, this business wouldn’t exist without my customers: the most patient, kind and loyal people I could hope to work with. It’s as if God lined the best ones up for me!

If I could finish this on one note, I would say: keep your hair perfect, smile, and swerve the drama.